After two years, Epstein case comes to a verdict in court

It has been a long, sordid day at the federal courthouse in Fort Lauderdale, where a judge is deliberating whether to unseal the grand jury indictment against the former billionaire billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Ms. Maxwell, Epstein’s most prominent alleged sexual partner, is now on trial for having sex with underage girls, and the case has been heavily scrutinized in the media. Judge Kenneth Marra declined to unseal the indictment at the beginning of Ms. Maxwell’s trial. The government has argued that unsealing the document would undermine its ability to investigate and prosecute future cases. Ms. Maxwell’s attorney said, “The grand jury didn’t indict you, judge.”

Her co-defendant, James Robinson, also pleaded not guilty on all counts. Mr. Robinson has said that Ms. Maxwell is already on trial in a civil lawsuit brought by some of Ms. Maxwell’s alleged victims.

Epstein has pleaded guilty to two federal crimes for using the internet to solicit sex with an underage minor. He was sentenced to a year in jail and is serving time in a federal facility in West Palm Beach.

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