Alec Baldwin’s ‘Angry Birds’ movie character ‘Rust’ blew up in flight

By Elizabeth Landau and Ryan Browne, CNN

Alec Baldwin’s “Angry Birds” movie character “Rust” kept “blowing up” in Los Angeles and New York, sparking “immature” gun handling, according to a report from the New York Times.

The New York Times reports the “Rubber Duckie” character was detected while flying in a propeller airplane on a private JetBlue flight between New York and Los Angeles this week.

Several cast and crew members who called the film “The Blonde Princess” but were not named, accused the voice actor of unsafe and inexperienced handling of a firearm during flight.

“We know where the shooting place is. We know where they are,” one worker told the Times. “From this movie, I could walk up to them and blow them up.”

The Times interviewed dozens of cast and crew members who were also anonymous. They spoke about either witnessing “an actual gun” fired, or watching Baldwin, who also portrays the main character in the film, “pick up and unload a firearm” and “fire once.”

They also observed Baldwin, who famously voiced the “Apprentice” President Donald Trump on the NBC show, disrobe from his “rubber duckie suit” and disarm the weapon, the report said.

In an interview with the New York Times, Baldwin said a special machine was used to separate the plastic and cardboard beads from the rubber duckie costume to make sure it was safe for passengers to be shown in flight.

He denied the accusations he was irresponsible or ill-advisedly handling a gun.

“My little rubber duckie has been shot,” he told the Times. “It was on the ground. Everything was cool. I was not responsible for the duck getting shot.”

Baldwin’s attorney, Eric George, who said his client has legal training, blamed the news media and said the accusations were nothing more than a “bragging session” among “people who have a lot of animosity for me.”

Baldwin was added to the voice cast of the 2016 animated movie “Angry Birds” to voice his “mercifully depressed” Rovio character Rust.

The actress Leslie Mann voices the character of the red heron Coster and is an executive producer on the film.

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