Bond villains and villains that could be Bond: the copywriter never got over his Dutch lessons

A very special colleague goes on

A very special colleague goes on

This a story of two excellent, very different, but equally bloody brilliant journalists, who meet in the morning at Guardian Towers – ​the ​2005 to these days of ​the ​Murdoches.

Mauro Mazziotti and Ros Taylor, Journalists First, stumbled into one another’s lives. They had first met on Sky News in 2003 while interviewing Duke Ellington.

“Where were we? We’d just got off a plane from Detroit and had a coffee with the Stars and Stripes flying over our heads. We were standing looking through the glass at each other and my​ moment came and I started reading his autobiography, which we both wanted to read so we looked at each other and started gushing at each other and said, ‘You have read my life. You have written my life’. “After that we both thought, ‘this could be a fun thing if we got into each other’s lives.”​ ”Mauro and I are both fiercely independent, passionate, single-minded people and I think we saw this as a chance to do our own thing and meet this new challenge in our lives.” ​”When we both got ourselves an office space ​at Sky​ the only thing we discussed was, ‘how do we get the closest possible relationship to ​we did ​when we first met, in the TV/media world, and particularly ​as a married couple?”’​

It didn’t happen overnight, but they became besotted​ with one another and​ ​have married. As we close

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