Britney Spears seeks conservatorship end without a psychological exam

Lawyers for Britney Spears filed a document in court on Tuesday morning saying that the pop star wanted to end her conservatorship without any psychologists counseling her, not conduct a typical checkup about her mental health.

For the most part, the conservatorship was lifted in January 2016. Court filings from then made it seem like she wasn’t ready to take charge of her life. “Ms. Spears’s failure to take action to retain counsel means that Ms. Spears remains under the ultimate control of a conservatorship,” wrote lawyer Andrew Wallet, according to the documents.

They said they still supported the conservatorship but simply want it over.

“It should be noted that the Respondent has expressed her desire to terminate her conservatorship without an exam under the auspices of lack of medical necessity,” the request said. “In line with Ms. Spears’s stated feelings, in this case, lacking a need for the examination, the Respondent no longer wishes to have an exam,” though they said an “evaluation can still be conducted” in an emergency.

Last year the conservatorship was renewed.

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