Chinese startups are racing to bring autonomous driving to market

Of two dozen consumer ventures in five Chinese cities, half started since 2015 and 18% in first quarter of 2016

Of the two dozen consumer ventures that emerged in five Chinese cities with autonomous driving services since 2015, half have started operations since the first quarter of 2016.

Yi Robot Corporation, Yirong Technology Company and iCare Motor Group were among the companies that debuted more recently.

The other two are GigaNine Nine Center and Enlight Roll Collective. All three are engaged in commercial-scale research and development with near-term plans to roll out pilot projects in the next few months.

As the concept of the self-driving car becomes more mainstream in China, major companies in the automotive sector and technology industry have also begun investments in the field.

On Tuesday, Hong Kong’s government joined more than a dozen automakers in announcing plans to launch a joint venture to develop autonomous driving technology.

China’s top three carmakers – Geely, SAIC Motor and Baidu’s Great Wall Motor – also revealed a joint effort to develop a new business model, called Jini, to bring to market autonomous vehicles.

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Last week, Shanghai’s Qingdao Environment and Public Security Technology Investment Co. became the first major investor in the OCoretech, a joint venture formed by China’s autonomous driving components companies to develop future vehicle technologies.

From 2014 to 2016, 18 Chinese companies rolled out self-driving concept vehicles. An urban SUV developed by Wuling Motors was one of the most successful (it has been piloted by government staff), with many officials now ordering it in parts of the country to combat pollution.

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