Cleveland Browns wasted their draft picks

By the end of the Cleveland Browns’ three-round NFL Draft, they finished with only three picks.

And with the first round now complete, that’s how it will remain. With five selections, the team’s biggest haul in over a decade looks to have been wasted, as their final three picks all fell short of expected draft value.

By comparison, the Cleveland Browns finished with 48 total selections — which include their four in the first round. However, with their four picks, they did have two among the top 10 picks, and a few of them went as far down the first round as the Giants.

The Browns had plenty of misses with their second two-round selections, but clearly not one of them was anybody near the top of the draft, as only one player selected in the second round has NFL-level talent. A mid-round pick normally puts two or three plays away from being a true contributor.

With their final pick, Cleveland will need to get creative if they hope to find enough talent to make a difference this season.

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