English parents fear child-care reforms as plan is finalized

By Karie Angell Luc, CNN

England is set to vote on a major plan to raise child-care costs in one area in return for more child-care funds in another part of the country

Prime Minister Theresa May said Monday she hoped the compromise would “accelerate a scheme that will benefit parents, children and the country as a whole.”

In a bid to end gridlock on the issue, May has reached a deal with the opposition Labour Party to ditch controversial work rules introduced in 1998 and privatize the 30,000-child sector.

Labour estimates the government would find the extra cash for costs by raising fees for older-aged children, despite being a late addition to the 2020 budget proposal.

By keeping fees low for younger children, the deal looks set to contribute to a transition period whereby child-care costs go up gradually but remain competitive with the private sector.

Carlo Morelli, the economic commissioner for Education Minister Lisa Raitt, described the deal as “workable, equitable and sustainable.”

Key terms of the agreement will be formally introduced Wednesday in the Commons.

British newspaper the Financial Times reported Wednesday that talks are ongoing with Germany to play a key role in a form of early-education cooperation to help increase early-childhood development.

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