Federico Alba: An actor playing golf

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You’ll find Federico Alba on a golf course, enjoying himself in golf clothing. He’s not your average golfer — the former World Champion looks completely different in real life.

But he’s nothing like you imagined.

In one of Alba’s golf videos, he explains that he is a consultant and golf coach, and his real identity isn’t named Federico. In fact, his secret identity is behind a screen.

1 / 11 In one of the viral Facebook videos, Alba, wearing fake glasses and a baseball cap, explains that he is a consultant and golf coach, and his real identity isn’t named Federico. Credit: Facebook/Federico Alba

Empowering followers

Rather than pursuing a career in football or a role in television, Alba took up the hobby of being a professional golfer in 1981. In 1991, he was crowned ‘World Champion’ by the British Golf Council, and has since been lauded for his incredible talent on the golf course.

So how does Alba prepare to play a round of golf?

“I also have a fantastic trainer — he’s really amazing,” Alba said in a telephone interview.

The treatment that Alba says allows him to control his right hand is also on show in his viral videos. Here’s Alba snipping away with scissors. Credit: Facebook/Federico Alba

This is how Alba explains his ability to control his right hand.

“Everything’s controlled by my brain. I’ve learnt a lot of things by being on a golf course, so I now know how to control my hand, and I can cut all this stuff in my right hand. It’s really unbelievable.”

The brainwork also provides the perfect excuse for his unparalleled self-control: “When I cut, everything in my right hand feels really, really slow,” Alba said.

‘I stopped being mediocre’

His calm, scientific approach to the sport is likely to have paid off. Like any athlete, Alba says he’s always striving to improve his game.

“What I do is calm down, relax and just read the ball and know that everything will be okay,” he said.

The elder of two brothers, Alba appears to draw strength from the passion of his sport.

“When I’m playing, I never get tired. I never have to change my swing,” he said.

“If I’m playing, I enjoy. And if I’m not playing, I still enjoy.”

The celebrity golfer who inspires others

Alba’s Facebook page has 8 million followers, making him the largest golfers in the world on the social network.

Alba tells his Facebook followers that his game started to improve in 2011.

Now in his 40s, Alba said he took up the sport again after a long break and played events in Ireland, Sweden and Dubai. He continues to play regularly worldwide.

As Alba enjoys playing, he inspires his fans through his extreme shots. The training he claims to have used also helped him reduce his once-trickiest shots.

Alba has had a remarkable tennis-style serve, as seen in this video. Credit: Facebook/Federico Alba

“My biggest secret is a drill I did a long time ago, which I didn’t know why I was doing,” Alba said.

“I went to my regular trainer, Roshi Machate, who doesn’t know me too well, but he was with me the whole time when I was doing it.”

The psychologist looks at Alba’s opponent and makes feedback. Credit: Facebook/Federico Alba

“So I did this extraordinary training for 12 years,” he continued. “I told him I had this talent but didn’t know how to use it.”

Machate consulted Dr Marc Schneider, an acclaimed game-changer whose research has been funded by the University of Virginia. Schneider informed Alba of the new training technique, and he began implementing it with his golf team.

“I used this drill the best day I had in 2000,” he said. “For the next 30 or 40 years I’ve been trying to make it work.”

The physical exercise Alba uses helps him prepare to play golf. Credit: Facebook/Federico Alba

But even Alba’s unconventional performances show that he’s not too focused on breaking records.

“I stopped being mediocre about a year ago,” he said. “There are tournaments all around me, but you can never play your best.

“I’m not thinking about winning tournaments or something like that — it’s just a game that’s fun.”

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