Fool’s Gold: The Myths of Climate Change and Hurricane Exiles

I am a U.S. citizen, born in Columbus, OH. I have a perfect green card and have every intention of applying for U.S. citizenship. Where in the world can I travel to right now?

I have been on the eastern seaboard for a week. While in Orlando, FL, my husband and I decided to visit the submarine museum at the Brevard Naval Air Station (BNC). Unfortunately, we inadvertently ran into Irma. I was hoping to drive by on the way back home to South Carolina (where I live and work) but the museum is closed right now due to the hurricane.

We continued on north to Port Canaveral, FL, to see the annual Blue Angels performance. We were able to watch from the waterfront, but winds gusting up to 50 mph swept the USS Saratoga (USN), our wedding gift to my husband, into the nearby channel. Fortunately, the Coast Guard recovered the ship and she came ashore in her assigned pier. Later, while touring the area, she sailed on to West Virginia. There were many good stories of the Blue Angels’ annual show for us at BNC, but the fact that we all got hit by some Hurricane Irma was too close for comfort.

Our last day in Orlando was spent watching Flights of Passage at Walt Disney World. I was hoping to make it up to see Thunder Over the Brevard (or WOTB) yet again, but, again, hurricane restrictions have closed WOTB. Both of these events will likely be closed for several weeks. I’m still hoping the Navy announces their next Blue Angels show and that WOTB will reopen soon.

I have already traveled to New York City, Washington D.C., Charleston, SC, and Fort Pierce, FL to visit family and my husband’s parents. There’s still plenty of time before I can feel completely safe to travel again, but if you have the opportunity and you can afford it, is it worth it to risk the wrath of a Category 4 hurricane in order to visit Orlando?

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