Football transfer rumours: Raheem Sterling to Chelsea?

When Premiership football teams announce transfer values for some of their new signings, they’re very nearly talking themselves out of the market entirely. This is, of course, very much an old school tactic and one that has now, for the first time, been caught on tape.

The price of one towing-pole goal-scorer whom one of the headline transfers tell us is about to cost £12m is an increase of 25% since the last contract was signed. It makes sense that, for a Championship club to convince Arsenal to part with such a cheap asset, they would need to put a big price on it. And that’s, arguably, just what the Liverpool/Arsenal board said.

It’s certainly fair to note that they also look very embarrassed and, if they really had known what they knew when they agreed a deal, they would probably now be considering legal action against the undisclosed parties involved. But perhaps it’s time we all accepted that, whether or not the prices get leaked ahead of a big announcement, the markets are too heavily inflated to be anywhere near true – at least in relation to the huge sums of money that are in play in the first place.

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