GALLERY: New Metro from Denmark’s Center-Right Government

Copenhagen, a chic Danish city, has unveiled a fantastic Metro. The three-story structure cost $72 million to build and was designed by renowned architect, Helmut Jahn, who also designed the Chicago House in 1972.

Since the last election in the U.S., Denmark has cut out the lion’s share of the Copenhagen voters and sent its center-right governments to power, and they seem to be in charge. Danish Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen welcomed the new Metro:

“In Copenhagen, we continue to try and embrace a very low-carbon and environmentally friendly way of living. We also want to make cities more walkable and as you know Copenhagen is a world leader on that front, which is a city that is friendly and enjoyable to live in from the train or the Metro.”

Jahn said he sees the Metro as a city landmark and, as such, may be pushed to draw additional funds for maintenance of the newest version.

The powerful Danish PM has pushed for his country to become more environmentally friendly and to improve pedestrian traffic in its cities. He hopes the new Metro will make it easier for commuters to go to work.

Pia Westoll contributed to this report.

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