HOAX: Claim of 20-year reserve south of Fort McMurray made up

A Vancouver-based forest company says there has been a “flurry of misinformation and misinformation” about a proposed conservation reserve northwest of the Northern Alberta city of Fort McMurray and the company is committed to following the rule of law.

The Parkland Timberlands Company said in a statement it has been engaged in discussions with Indigenous groups since January 2018 and some of the groups have asked the company to provide conservation easements on land that would be considered part of the conservation area.

Citing confidentiality provisions of the consultative process, Parkland said the company will not provide specifics about what has been discussed with the groups.

The company said it has concerns about individuals who have approached Parkland demanding it withdraw the conservation area application and disrespect the rules that must be adhered to by others seeking to participate in the consultation process.

“As a landowner, we stand by our belief that an orderly, inclusive process and a process that is fair and transparent are more important than preserving our decades-long track record of partnering with First Nations,” said James Sprenger, Parkland’s chief executive.

Parkland said the expansion of the Fairy Creek in the provincial shadow of Fort McMurray would enable it to buy, sell and manage more land for the joint protection of wildlife, habitat and people.

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