Inside the doomed U.S.-bound flight that was forced to divert due to a fire brigade trying to bring it down

A long-haul plane making a wild emergency landing is something that you might have seen a movie about in the past, but this time it actually happened. During the Thursday flight from London to Shanghai, a passenger plane headed for the Chinese city of Wuhan, was forced to land just over 1,000 miles south of its destination due to a fire crew attempting to bring down the plane over the Pacific Ocean.

Flip through the gallery below for videos of the botched emergency landing.

There were 224 people on board the plane. None were injured. The passenger plane was Air China flight number D6018. According to The China Daily, the pilot and the cabin crew who survived the accident — including the captain — were put in “special training” and have been ordered to undergo further training to improve communication between the pilot and the air traffic control.

Bodies lie on the tarmac after a passenger jet made an emergency landing in Pusan on Thursday. (LEE KONG/AFP/Getty Images)

From L-R, China’s State Councilor Zhang Gaoli, Kim Younghui, Chairman of China’s Air Transport Association, South Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and China’s Chief Insp. of Civil Aviation Hu Wenjie, seen at a press conference in Pusan, look on as the wreckage of a passenger jet lands at Pusan Incheon International Airport. (MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

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