Kitty’s Colorado skiers: Snowpocalypse or symptom of sickness?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Photos of the 2017-18 Canadian ski season show an up-hill downhill terrain both empty and challenging

One will congratulate its homegrown industry on this year’s boom, but Pyeongchang 2018 may leave a sour taste in the mouth.

This is a one-year blitz on Snowpocalyse. Meanwhile, there’s a health concern.

Our camera-toting reporter joins the ski slopes of Colorado this week as a severe flu outbreak occurs nearby.

This accident offers a prime example of just how dangerous it can be.

The Investigative Reporter’s day at the Games, as it unfolded

Episode one

Katie is in the slopes of the Vail mountains, nestled inside the “Northeast”, for the first week of winter.

She can’t help but notice that right across the country, there’s a proliferation of children in these mountains.

“Is that because of the flu?” Katie asks as she stands on the Vista Juntos chairlift, just down the mountain from the US games Village.

“I don’t know,” says the child of the place.

“Is there anyone else here?” Katie asks.

“No! Why?,” asks the child of the place, walking up the slope.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Katie is sharing her findings from winter at the Games

A male friend is on the same chairlift as Katie, too, and tells the Investigative Reporter about a nearby supermarket – and a supermarket that closed for the start of the Olympics.

Why did they close? “Oh, we’re sick.”

The investigator watches as somebody sneezes in the snow on a restaurant balcony below.

But she looks out of the windscreen, not down the glass.

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