Latin Grammy winner Marília Mendonça dies in plane crash in Colombia


Marília Mendonça, a Brazilian singer and Latin Grammy winner, has died in a plane crash in Colombia.

Mendonça, a singer and poet who rose to fame under the alias of Plimaça, had flown to Medellín for a show. The plane she was aboard crashed near the city of La Ceja. Mendonça was 26.

In a statement posted to Twitter on Monday evening, Caramelo Sartorías Brasileiras, the group’s producer and the manager of Plimaça, said the singer had been killed.

Over the past decade, Mendonça’s performances and works have earned her accolades across the globe. In 2012, she received the Grammy Award for best tropical pop album for “¡Que Viva! Platimos.”

She also served as the artistic director of the Rio de Janeiro state government’s visual arts culture programme, and served on the faculty of the Colegio de Poas Velho, the state’s central center for performing arts and folklore.

Photos and Twitter posts from Chile suggested that Mendonça had died in the plane crash. The Colombian newspaper El Tiempo reported that at least eight other passengers were also killed.

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