Man charged in shooting at Maryland mansion testified he felt threatened by victim

A Maryland man who has been charged with the fatal shooting of Kyle Rittenhouse and wounding of two men at the Governor’s Mansion on Jan. 27 testified Friday that the victim was “belligerent” at the scene, but otherwise offered little new information about the incident.

“He was a little belligerent,” said Trey LeDay, who was giving testimony in Rittenhouse’s trial. LeDay said one of Rittenhouse’s friends was with Rittenhouse at the Governor’s Mansion.

LeDay, who like the victim is black, testified that during a walkabout, Rittenhouse and his friend yelled at them, and that LeDay asked for a cigarette. LeDay told the court that Rittenhouse then started yelling profanities and telling his friend to get the “scum out of my face,” the courthouse said in a news release. LeDay, who said he has a concealed carry permit, said he reached for his gun.

As Rittenhouse walked off, the court said, LeDay said he asked him if he was going to do anything but say nothing. Rittenhouse then returned, climbed a tree, and yelled “f— you.” LeDay said he found himself “defending himself.”

LeDay said the victim made “violent movements” that made him think that he was going to attack him. LeDay said he yelled at Rittenhouse and “refused to leave.” He said his friend, Camyel Young, was yelling “get away from me, get away from me.”

He said he felt a shot go off and Rittenhouse fell. LeDay took a bullet in the leg.

Rittenhouse’s defense attorney, Patrick Wayne Hall, asked LeDay if he remembered that Young held his gun and, after the shooting, went to the basement where the body was, and put it in his pants. LeDay said he did not remember, and then said he was under stress.

LeDay also said that Young said Rittenhouse was “nuts” and that they didn’t like him. LeDay said he held Young’s hand, telling him to “touch base” the next time they saw each other, which came on Feb. 3.

“Would you describe that as joking or as something you believed was serious?” Hall asked.

“I would describe it as joking,” LeDay said.

Young told jurors that he was not sure if Rittenhouse held a gun, but he described him as a “rough kind of guy.” Young said Rittenhouse wanted to fight him, and that the shooting happened because the victim was going to fight Young.

Hall asked how much Rittenhouse was walking the day of the shooting, and Young said he did not have a reason to think he was carrying a gun. He said Rittenhouse knew he had a gun because Rittenhouse had told him that he had lost someone who was his cousin.

Hall asked LeDay how he “relieved” he was that Rittenhouse was dead, and LeDay said he was “relieved, a little,” but he did not feel threatened by Rittenhouse.

He said the state’s use of the word “unprovoked” was disheartening, and that was something he disagreed with.

Hall also asked if LeDay had ever heard anyone make racial slurs, and LeDay said he did not.

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