Migrants clash with border guards on Poland-Belarus border

Image copyright AFP Image caption A migrant lies on the ground during the clashes

Migrants throwing rocks at security guards have clashed with border police on Poland’s frontier with Belarus.

A spokesman for the Polish police said one guard had been injured in the fray. He suffered injuries to his leg and back.

Photographs from the scene on Friday show security guards firing water cannon to disperse migrants.

In Belarussian protests on the other side of the frontier, more than 1,000 migrants stormed the border with their hands raised in the air.

They were stopped by police who fired stun grenades and tear gas at them, but were eventually dispersed.

The migrants hail from the Horn of Africa, Syria and Iraq. The Polish border controls – which have long been in place – are a bi-national measure aimed at deterring migrants who cross the border via Belarus, often after crossing into Serbia or Croatia.

Poland has been among the countries with the highest levels of immigration in recent years, and a prominent refugee campaign group says it has made inroads in lobbying the government for more humanitarian assistance for asylum seekers.

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