Model Emily Ratajkowski is opening up about the ‘patriarchy’ of sexiness

It’s not every day that a model gives an interview while wearing a bra and panties, but Emily Ratajkowski is giving a lot more than that. The 26-year-old was speaking with Esquire about her appearance in the most recent Batman film, At Eternity’s Gate, and as expected, her age and sexuality were the subject of much of the conversation. In the below excerpt from the article, Ratajkowski explains why it is dangerous for beauty to become synonymous with sexuality, rather than simply being sought after by men.

“I’ve done many movies that were offered to me by publishers who wanted to take out a private address, put my photo on there, and send it to every single reader,” Ratajkowski explained. “I didn’t sign a contract, but what I did did feel like I was sending a piece of myself to the world. There was a huge stigma that surrounded the word ‘hot.’ It felt like the most shitty stigma for a lot of women to feel like it was simply a fantasy.”

Read the full story at Esquire.


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