MotoGP: Pecco Bagnaia, 27, wears the same suit in every race

Unlike some competitors, Mecca MotoGP’s Marco Canola — aka Moto2 runner-up and current title leader — doesn’t wear a suit. He races in Moto2 suits, of course, in the third-tier competition.

The 27-year-old from Turin, Italy — better known as Pecco Bagnaia — had in fact worn a suit the year before, but it’s the season after that when he’s won twice and finished second.

This year, he went back to his modest living room, just outside his house in the city, and changed his tailoring for the part of the back of his suit that’s to the front of his racing suit.

“You know, when you win a grand prix, you get the right clothes and maybe a good pair of shoes, but when you have a sixth place or fourth place, you get a simple pair of jeans,” he said in an interview with “Anyway, that’s a fact — or what I have been doing. I work on that, so I wear the same suit every weekend.

“It’s very important for me to wear the same suit — because we have the same way of life, we have our jersey, we have all the sponsors on it. It’s like I’m a new person on the block.”

His favorite pairs? T-shirts from Yamaha and Honda.

His signature pair, however, are not only his own, but ones from his racing company, which he began six years ago.

“It’s my logo,” he said, showing a faded sticker from the top of his Honda for us to see. “I love it — if I just give it to myself, there’s no [opportunity] to do anything. So, I thought why not spread it around the world to make more, more people feel that they can do something.”

It’s difficult to keep up with the mishaps of Pecco Bagnaia, from riding a Honda/KTM to a Ducati and now with six wins to his name.

He won both GP500 races at Le Mans, as well as the Moto2 title. Then he had a slight hiccup, when his Honda suffered a fire in the San Marino GP.

“The thing is, I’m never set in my ways because it’s like putting the moon up on a stick,” he said. “It’s like bouncing the ball. I’ve never gone into the season like, ‘Oh yeah, I will win because I’ve already won a title.’ … We don’t feel obliged to win in the present, because after you’ve won a title you realize the bad days and all that good racing that you put in every year just disappears. You start to lose yourself and you forget that you even had to go for the championship in the first place.

“It’s impossible to win at Le Mans every year, I’m not perfect enough, but after you’ve won once, it’s almost impossible to win at a certain track, or even a championship, because you no longer want to lose. You just want to win, no matter if it’s right for you. It’s almost impossible to win there. But I think, at least this year, it was possible, because I had already won one title in 2007.”

Now he leads the Championship, three points ahead of Casey Stoner, who he beat in the last two races. Pecco Bagnaia hasn’t taken second place since the Grand Prix of Spain in 2007, and hopes to get his first world title this year.

But in case he does, he’s not ready to call himself a world champion.

“What I think is that the entire team deserves the title. We’ve given the best of what we’ve got, year after year, and we deserve to be champions. So, this year I say this: People say, ‘Bagnaia, you can be the champion, you can win the championship.’ I say, ‘No, it’s us.’ Because I’m in the way of the team, so I still don’t know if I have the chance, but whoever can help us, they have the chance. And maybe it’s me, but I think it’s probably not enough to win the championship this year, because I think I still don’t have everything that I want.”

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