Nicholas Hamilton: Lewis’ car drafting was ‘insane’

Lewis Hamilton is not only one of the top drivers in Formula One, he’s the wild card. Most of us would not have predicted the wild success that would follow his debut in 2008, where he went on to win three championships and 53 races. Not many of us, that is, except for his brother.

Nicholas Hamilton has seen it all from behind the wheel, which he most definitely has, and in this week’s eVoloRdio Kitchen Table with Nicholas Hamilton, you’ll get to hear what he has to say about Lewis’ car drafting, plus a few things about his brother that many might not know. As for Lewis, he’s built a loyal fan base since his debut with McLaren-Mercedes in 2008 and has never quite been able to win the world championship, despite the multiple championships. In 2008, despite having many of the fastest cars, the racing wasn’t cut and dried.

Although Lewis is the one who carries the family brand, Nicholas is still very involved. He grew up in Miami, which is where the video came from, and later moved to his new home in Austin, Texas, where he’s still living now. Lewis moved to Williams earlier this year, and Nicholas will be traveling to Europe soon to follow him there and be more involved with his family business. We asked if he’s had much opportunity to share the family business in the limelight.

“I’ve gotten a few plugs, but I don’t know of any time that we’ve done anything at the factory or (making) product sales,” he says. “I’m not sure the franchise is ready for that, but that would be for them to consider.”

Although Lewis and Nicolas have always known each other, Nicolas says his perspective on Lewis’ career comes from getting to know him as a person. He says he wasn’t truly in Lewis’ life until they were in their teens.

“I was only able to connect to him during that teenage years,” he says. “When I first met him, it was as just a younger brother that wanted to have his space and his distance to be a kid, so I didn’t even really connect to the real Lewis Hamilton until I was 17 or 18.”

Beyond the video, they also did the whole pairing up at my house, in my kitchen. And needless to say it was a wild time, with lots of racing, a couple of sauces, some wonderful cheese and crackers. Some of the craziest sound effects you’ll hear in my house.

But that’s just going by the coverage that you see on TV. As for being a second passenger to Lewis in race cars, how is it?

“You get thrown into the deep end,” Nicholas says. “I don’t know any other way for anybody to learn to be a professional race car driver and try to ride (with) your brother. So that was an insane situation to be in, but that’s what happens. It’s hard to simulate that with just a day’s preparation at a track.”

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