One Hit TV calls on Nielsen to be more transparent

By: Liam Clark, with Input by Samantha Pacheco, Deputy Director of Research at a f,

Now TV, the digital TV distribution network, today called on Nielsen Media Research to be more transparent in how its panel uses the TV “Scorecard,” a monthly aggregated metric that Now TV says the media industry uses to quantify market audience.

Now TV also asked Nielsen to apply proper internal safeguards.

Now TV said that while it does not rely on the Scorecard as an advertising currency, because it is frequently consulted by agency buyers and sellers, “[t]he authenticity of our offering is dependent on an accurate, independent measurement of our footprint.”

Now TV’s “real-time” television monitoring set up gathers actual consumer interaction and usage data directly from devices, no third-party control. This enables the platform to deliver a real-time view of trends in real time.

By asking for a two-year extension of its current output contracts, Now TV said: “we can’t rely on a two-year extension of an output contract, let alone an extension to 2020. We must ask for the assurance of transparency to validate our platform.”


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