Philippine president says he’ll run for Senate in 2022, his daughter will run for president

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will run for the Senate in 2022, his son said Tuesday, making it certain he would not run against his daughter in the presidential election four years later.

Risero Duterte, the president’s son and campaign manager, said in a television interview Tuesday that Duterte would run for Senate in 2022.

“There is no problem. This year, he is going to do a campaign for the Congress,” Risero Duterte said on the TV5 network. “After that, he is running for the Senate.”

The president will complete two terms as president in 2022. Duterte’s political party, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, has not yet announced a candidate for a Senate seat in 2022.

Duterte’s daughter, vice president Leni, wants to run for president in 2022. She currently heads the party’s national committee and is tipped to become its standard-bearer.

“Let him run and I will do whatever he asks me to do,” Risero Duterte said. “I am there at his side. If I have to assist the president, that’s how it will be.”

On Saturday, Duterte was elected chairman of the ruling party. Prior to that, he dominated and won the annual party conference in April.

But both the president and Vice President Leni Duterte seem to be making up for lost time. When daughter Leni won the vice presidency seat in May 2017, no one expected her father to run for Senate a few months later.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte holds a voting card upon voting at a polling station during the country’s elections in Quezon city, metro Manila, Philippines. (October 17, 2016)

Duterte became president in May 2016, and has been keeping on top of a relentless campaign against illegal drugs in the country.

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