Police officer fired on 16-year-old girl walking down the street, charged with murder

CNN Senior Security Correspondent Martin Savidge reports from the Bronx

New York, New York – An NYPD officer fatally shot a 16-year-old girl in the Bronx while two teenagers are being charged with murder. Police say the victim was shot multiple times as a hit man was waiting for her to cross the street. We wanted to know more about the hard-driving tactics of this deadly force and how much freedom it can take to become a cop.

“Guns and Go” – – A fully loaded, inoperable .45 caliber pistol was found at the scene. A .45 caliber pistol was found at the scene. A second gun, a .357 caliber was found near the scene.

“It was a reckless, deadly encounter, one in which one officer fired ten shots during the course of a five to six minute firing range,” says Eyewitness News reporter Maria Menounos.

It was a deadly early morning encounter. Police say the girl was leaving the building when she accidentally stepped on an NYPD officer’s foot. Officer Andrew Dunne realized he had slipped during an operation.

Officer Dunne was trying to talk the teen to stand up on her own. The teen ran back inside, made it back to the building and then heard more gunfire.

“She was confronted by the same officer the she had run to. Dunne fired at point blank range,” says Eyewitness News reporter Anna Sanders.

The city’s internal affairs unit claims the gun Dunne used was both stolen and doctored. Police say the 19-year-old youth who fired is the woman’s ex-boyfriend. The others involved in the shooting have been charged with assault in the second degree.

“And eventually got a call to go out to get a bigger gun, which we didn’t know was stolen,” says Mariana Nase, the father of a woman shot in the head at similar age.

“But they caught the cops that pulled the trigger, and they’ll be doing some time.”

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill says what officers do when discharging their weapons depends heavily on the circumstances.

“They have to know their weapons. They have to know the gun. They have to know their targets. They have to be able to articulate their actions. And they have to have self-defense training for extreme situations.”

On “Newsroom” Tursday, the NYPD said at a news conference it was more than a dozen bullets that hit the girl and not just one. The officers involved were both on duty. They were suspended without pay.

Cops say nearly half the gunfire from deadly encounters comes from unarmed civilians and just a handful of officers a year are removed from the force.

Copyright CNN The first paragraph of this report was updated to add that the teen was unarmed.

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