‘Power’ Exposed: Family of Ponzi schemer reflects real-life industry


The Starz drama show “Power” mines the stories of New York’s wealthy elites for entertainment value.

The show’s creators made the fictional Gucci-loving “playboy” James “Ghost” St. Patrick a real person in the Tampa Bay Times’ recent exposé “Power” Exposed.

The attorney for Antoine “Ghost” Bethea Jr., who owns the drug empire depicted on the show, said the paper took an “overly literal” approach to the Gucci piece.

“Power” may contain some exaggeration, but St. Patrick’s family is a terrifying testament to the power behind the Williams sisters’ throne.

“The young girls would be home alone, like 12 years old, at 2 a.m. and this woman would come knocking on the door,” Bethea’s attorney, Craig Waite, told the Times. “It was unnerving for the families. The family would demand security cameras, motion detectors or alarm systems. And the wives would visit the same rooms the traffickers used. They would say, ‘You have to keep my kids safe. You are the king of this family.’ And the women were like, ‘No, not yet.’ “

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