Romelu Lukaku, German defender Dries Mertens talk up meeting of top soccer CEOs

Now that have the UEFA Champions League back under way, we’re going to need a global event that’s bringing players together from all over. Well, this player is game.

Romelu Lukaku of Manchester United and Germany’s Boateng brother Christian have announced they plan to hold a meeting of football’s top CEOs and stars (players) to discuss the state of social media. After all, the players and managers who are the financial backbone of most major soccer clubs around the world are increasingly being targeted by foreign trolls and it’s time for the CEOs to step in.

Lukaku said at the press conference at Munich-Darmstadt Airport: “I’m not interested in fighting social media, I’m just looking at it to create awareness. I’m angry with [how] football social media is in the world and in the football world too. It would be nice to have the time to sit with [football’s elite CEOs] and tell them to listen to players, the players as the best players on the football pitch, without the internet, without social media. That is the problem, if we can discuss it.”

Boateng said: “We want to hold a meeting with the CEOs and players like Romelu Lukaku who are successful on and off the pitch to communicate, we want to talk about football, about footballing issues. We want to change the world.”

Here’s Lukaku’s video from the bus interview with Goal and its Indonesian counterpart.

The Manchester United striker added: “I just wanted to invite all the CEOs from all the professional football clubs to attend, together with the players. We must sit together, social media in the world, in the football world, has been created by players, top players. They have the biggest influence. Therefore, we have to take the initiative and we should make an effort together to turn it around. We should really open and communicate with each other, we need to make a stand for what we want to change.”

Good idea.

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