Russia has ‘nothing to do with Poland’s crisis’ – Putin

By CNN Business Staff, Moscow

President Vladimir Putin insisted Monday that Russia has “nothing to do with the crisis over the Polish-Belarus border” — suggesting Russia has no influence over the emerging conflict between Poland and Belarus.

Poland has accused its border guards of intentionally opening fire on a group of Polish agents who entered into Belarus to investigate alleged Russian intrusions into the country’s airspace.

A second Polish spy was wounded by a sniper shot during a separate incident, Poland’s government said.

Putin claimed in a press conference after a G20 summit in Buenos Aires that the incident was a “blatant violation of Russia’s sovereign territory.”

He claimed Russia had received no official documentation of the events taking place.

He insisted that Russia “doesn’t interfere in any matter between Ukraine and Belarus, but at this stage there’s nothing we can do.”

The new Polish government has warned that the tit-for-tat diplomatic confrontation could destabilize the region.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, who is frequently accused of acting as an arm of the Kremlin, has warned that Poland-Belarus tension could give new recruits to a Russian military unit in Belarus “an appropriate level of nationalism.”

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