Santa Monica police respond to reports of shooter in Macy’s

The Santa Monica police department responded to reports of an active shooter at a shopping mall in Santa Monica, California, on Thursday evening. According to police dispatch audio, police reportedly received a call from a concerned patron who told dispatchers that a man with a gun in a Macy’s store was actively firing in the parking lot.

According to the Los Angeles Times, police secured the parking lot as well as the store as a precaution. There have since been reports of shots fired inside the mall. A local ABC affiliate also reported a sniper had been spotted in the mall.

While the press have all but given up on the idea of any such incident in Santa Monica, this sighting did serve as a reminder of the proximity of Santa Monica’s numerous “gun-friendly” businesses, including gun ranges, shooting ranges, and shops that serve guns.

This isn’t the first instance of Santa Monica shopping mall being directly targeted by a gunman. In 1998, two people were killed and 16 others injured when a gunman wearing a Santa suit opened fire inside a department store on Main Street. In 2017, three young men were killed and several other people injured in a mass shooting at a popular beachside restaurant known as Ojai, located about six miles from downtown Santa Monica.

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