The Inspiration for Chaplin’s Golf Course: ‘Pinocchio’

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PRINCETON, N.J. — According to the biography of Charlie Chaplin, the legendary comedian went to Waterville, New Jersey every year until he passed away in 1977, spending the entire summer at the club where his family has a membership.

A glance at the Waterville Golf Club website reveals why Chaplin was such a regular customer:

“Climbing a rock outcropping atop the scenic Pinocchio Hills, the clubhouse has grand facades inspired by cha cha golf courses of the past. A dramatic rope bridge provides views of Lake Hackettstown and the Adirondacks. An incomparable backdrop for the Clarendon community and the club.”

Chaplin reportedly loved to play the beautiful golf course, named after the famous Italian comedian “Pinocchio.”

On December 19, 1988, Chaplin committed suicide at the age of 88.

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