Toronto’s creative campaign shows it’s heroic to get vaccinated

A new video for the Canadian city turns the city into a place where people have a reason to get vaccinated

Toronto’s creative campaign shows it’s heroic to get vaccinated

Vaccinations might not be the most compelling topic of concern, but as the outbreak of measles continues in Toronto, the city has created a video campaign that seeks to dispel fears and encourage people to get vaccinated.

Toronto’s Mayor John Tory was adamant in an interview that Toronto was committed to getting vaccines in people’s hands – even as the number of cases rises.

“There’s lots of people who worry about having, for any reason, shots against measles because they think it’s a very dangerous thing,” he said. “What we’re trying to do is say that is not the case.”

The video opens with a young girl blowing up a floating doll. A voiceover explains that “Toronto is committed to doing whatever it takes to keep you and your family safe”, and features a narrator delivering in a heavy Italian accent on a slide projector: “You can’t fight some disease with your eyes closed.”

The video then takes the audience on a trip through Toronto, from under the High Line park to the AGO museum, taking in various areas near highly trafficked public spaces.

Their voices join through a narrator, before the depiction is more the magical realism version of New York City – a city where everything seems to have a purpose.

This includes a deli offering an Italian breakfast, a zip code that lists the 11th soldier in the last battle of the American Revolution, and scientists saying that they’re developing the first phase of a vaccine for the likes of rabies and HIV.

A last shot shows the city as a simulation, which is the mysterious womb of a mutant alien snake with 25 wings, and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain giving a bear-hug to a “canoe out the window”.

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