Will Brian Flores be brought in to call plays for Dolphins?

Brian Flores, the Patriots linebackers coach, will take over as the Dolphins’ new defensive coordinator, joining an organization desperately in need of players. He’ll do that on Monday after finishing a long and fruitful career as the linebackers coach for Bill Belichick.

On Monday, Bill Parcells told reporters to expect Flores to take over plays on the field at practice on Tuesday. While that is certainly important, it shouldn’t say much about his role going forward.

Parcells has worked well with others in his charge in the past, namely Doug Marrone with the Bills and Nick Saban with the LSU Tigers. So, it wouldn’t be unprecedented for Flores to get on the field with the defense and call plays, too.

If Flores is going to play a role on the defense, it may come as a result of a couple of injuries in the last week. Jarran Reed broke his left wrist and A.J. Francis sprained his knee. Luckily, neither were serious injuries and neither player will be placed on injured reserve.

It’s possible that Flores could be brought in to help fill in the gaps on the interior line before Week 1 against the Browns, or whatever other time-sensitive issues he faces over the next week or so.

The real decision will be made about play calling after that.

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